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Multiple Video Dimensions

Any Aspect Ratio

Maximise your video performance by creating your videos in the perfect size for your social media platforms

Design Effortlessly

Thousands of professional templates to get started

Impress your customers with beautifully designed creatives.

Full Creative Control

Customise your videos to suit your brand

Stand apart from your competitors and make it memorable for your customers.

Animate Instantly

Add movement to your designs in one click

Make your design come alive and attract the attention your product deserves.

Live Preview

Make changes on the fly

No long waiting time to check on your design and animation.

Premium Music

Complete your video with the right beats

Thousands of royalty-free cinema quality music for any occasion, composed by the most talented musicians around the world.

Photo & Video

Access to millions of high-resolution
royalty-free stock photos and videos

Choose the perfect media for your design.

What others are saying

OFFEO is just what I was waiting for! I am a video producer and visual marketer that creates videos for social media on a regular basis. OFFEO helps me create these ads with high-quality animations in a heartbeat.

I also greatly appreciate the team's responsiveness to community suggestions!

Ronny Founder / CEO, Fair Trade Connection

OFFEO helps me create professional, animated social media posts in minutes. I love using the tool for Instagram stories especially, and we've had positive feedback from our clients about how cool they look. Overall, OFFEO helps our social media posts stand out, which is crucial since you only have a second to grab someone's attention.

Arielle Rubenstein Social Media Specialist, Screen Pilot

OFFEO has been a great tool in making engaging short promotional content for my company's Facebook Page. I noticed that clients and friends are more prone to click on my business's post when they are animated and have music. I especially love the fact that I don't have to worry that the music will be muted because of any copyright issues. I love using OFFEO (it's so easy to use) and would recommend it for anyone.

Lyndsay Roman Founder & President, Margalith Inc

Quickly create wonderful videos, without a lot of knowledge, OFFEO has excellent variations and a good mix of animated graphics and effects for my brand.

Ganaël Bascoul CEO, Monsieur Barbier

As a Digital Agency Start-up, OFFEO has been a great help by giving us a quick boost. We didn't plan to offer Video Ads/Animations from the start but with OFFEO we are expanding faster than expected. Though OFFEO itself is new in the market but is growing big day by day and we at Okami Digital are growing with it.

Hassan Sajid Founder & Management Operations, Okami Digital

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تجارتي استعمال

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هر مهيني

  • لامحدود اعلي قابليت وڊيو (1080p) ڊائون لوڊ
  • 30 کان وٺي ويڊيو ٺاهڻ
  • ڪرندڙ ٿيل ڊيزائنر ٽيمپليڪس
  • پنهنجو تصويرون ۽ وڊيوز شامل ڪريو
  • 20 GB اسٽوريج
  • ڪجه وڊيو وڊيو
  • تجارتي طور تي لائسنس يافته موسيقي
  • ريزيلر لائسنس
  • ڪسٽم کي ترتيب ڏيو

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